“The King of Banana Land” – One of my 2D Animated Short Films

“The King of Banana Land” is a 2D frame-by-frame animated short film I made as my final project when I graduated from the Central University of Venezuela in 2016.

In order to give the film a children’s book appearance (a little bit inspired by the visuals of “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” by Isao Takahata), I used crayon lines instead of the regular thin animation lines. This was achieved by making three versions of each drawing using pencil, ink and black crayon lines. The ink drawing is a clean version of the original pencil drawing, and was used as a base for coloring the character easily. After removing the ink lines, the resulting lineless color shapes were placed beneath the black crayon lines of the third version of the drawing.

This 9-minute film required a total of about a thousand pencil drawings, each one of them with corresponding ink and black crayon versions.

Líneas y color 1
Pencil, ink and crayon versions of a drawing.
Removing ink lines.
Placing color shapes beneath the crayon lines.

Watch the film here 🙂